Yes! Treat juvenile rape accused as adult!!

Dr Neha Gupta

Rape illustrationI am sure, the recent statement by Ms Maneka Gandhi, our respected Union Minister for women and child development, favoring treatment of juvenile rapists like adults has created a buzz! Commissions and NGO’s working for the protection of child rights will come out opposing any such demand. And the women’s rights fraternity will welcome it whole heartedly!

We are not living in an era where sex is a hush thing and the children especially in the age group of 13-18 yrs or the teenagers of today are not that ignorant about it. Today’s media, movies, internet connectivity etc. has given them an opportunity to not remain dumb about adult talks anymore. And if they understand what is it all about, they understand about its pros and cons too.

For people opposing this demand by Ms Gandhi on the grounds of child rights protection, would they still maintain this stand if a daughter of their own , may be 6-7 yrs old, is raped and brutally by a boy child of 17 yrs 6 months of age? Then whose child rights would you like to protect?

Is it just because of that if the girl is in adult category and boy has not reached that age group, the great issue of child’s rights come into play?

It sounds so ridiculous to accept this age ground as an excuse to get away with this heinous crime when the children are actually maturing earlier both mentally as well as physiologically as compared to their parents and grandparents.

I personally support this demand of Ms Gandhi, firstly as a woman, secondly as a doctor and thirdly as the Working President of Humanists’ Association.


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