“Why not hold the long-denied plebiscite in divided Kashmir…”

In the context of the division of Sudan Gwynne Dyer has written in his column ‘When Lines are drawn’ …

“…If it is okay to split up Sudan, what’s to stop other secessionist groups from launching wars of independence, knowing that if enough people are killed they will probably get their way in the end? …

“Why not hold the long-denied plebiscite in divided Kashmir, and let the local people decide whether they want to be part of Pakistan, or part of India or independent? …

“The sum of human happiness would probably be increased if these ethnically distinct areas got to choose their own futures, and it is not necessarily true that changing the border would be a bloodier business than keeping them frozen in place…”

[The complete article WHEN LINES ARE DRAWN in Fifth Column Page 8, The Telegraph, 14 February 2011 is worth reading and pondering over]


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