What makes Ramdev so important?

If ‘Baba’ Ramdev fasts – what’s the problem?
1] Fasting had always been the most non-violent mode of protest since the time of Gandhiji—Anna Hazare fasted and got tremendous public support, before that Mamata Banerjee fasted for 25 days and brought the ‘Singur issue’ to limelight – giving it the due national importance and setting up a precedence that showed throughout India how state cannot evict poor people from their birthplace in the name of ‘development’.
2] Why this commotion about Ramdev the yoga-guru who after all knows ‘khechari-mudra’ as he himself claims –that allows people to survive without food and water. All the hype and excitement around Ramdev was sickening! As if Anna’s life was less valuable!
3] Shame on the government that ignores the decade-long fasting of Irom Sharmila Chanu. She is being force-fed and kept under arrest for more than 10 years. Her body-weight has reduced to half its original. Imagine her tenacity and strength of mind. All that she demands is a repeal of AFSPA that is causing havoc throughout the North east, causing death, destruction and rape of her fellow citizens. The economy of Manipur has dwindled; normal social life is in doldrums.
Shame shame !
Nobody from the centre has ever visited Sharmila. Is it because she is a girl? A poor girl? A poor girl from backward area?  Fie on the central government machinery!
An exaggerated importance to this so called ‘guru’ who is supposedly in collusion with politicians is beyond any rationality.
If Sharmila and her issue is not getting due importance – we demand so and request all people with common sense and humanity to rise up in protest.
The black-money if brought back will vanish into this present system. Nobody should believe that it will directly help the poor.
On the other hand it is laws like UAPA and AFSPA that are directly responsible for the pathetic condition of the poor. They gag the voice of protest from the deprived.
So Sharmila’s issue should get much more support from common public.


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