We are with Anna Hazare & his mission

Please follow TIMES NOW, CNN IBN – or any other national channel for updates. Listen to Anna’s address to the nation before arrest.

Anna Hazare did not court arrest by himself. He was arrested by 3 plainclothes policemen from a house in Mayur Vihar at 7 am even before he started his non-violent, protest by fasting. Arvind Kejriwal was also arrested. Later Kiran Bedi and Shanti Bhushan courted arrest.

It is shameful! It shows how terrified the state is of one old man. The state is afraid because of the immense support from people from all around the country. More and more people are joining the protestors in support of Anna Hazare—school children, workers, civilians, IT personnel – from Bangalore, Kerala, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai are coming forward.

‘Nation cannot tolerate this dictatorship’ – said Prashant Bhushan, it is illegal, unconstitutional – there was no 144 in that area. There was no violence or fear of violence. Already more than 2500 supporters have been arrested and kept in Chhatrasal stadium near Delhi University.

This fight against corruption has no political color. This is not a time to talk about Congress or BJP; it is a struggle for freedom from corruption. Government’s Lokpal Bill is an ineffectual farce.

So we want all to unite in this historical movement against corruption, and demand for a clearer and stronger Lokpal bill.

We pronounce our hundred percent support for Team Anna.

Prabir Ghosh
[On behalf of all members of Rationalist Association]
Sumitra Padmanabhan
[On behalf of all members of Humanists’ Association]


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