The Got Up Game: Baba Ramdev vs Central Govt?

Again one more popcorn has been launched for our poor Indians by all national media. The so called god man (?) Baba Ramdev  will be on fast for anti corruption mascot. The entire media is backing him with full support. As per TOI ( 2 June 2011) he has booked the ramlala maidan to make the fasting into a festival. Now we go for a flashback at 7th Jan 2006. There was a program at NDTV India named “Mukabila”. Where Baba ramdev was interviewed ( or Interrogated) by Mr Prabir Ghosh , The G. Sec. of SRAI. There he announced that “He does not need to eat any food , Drink any water… By the power of yoga.” If we consider his claims as true…the fasting is a big bluff. Because he doesn’t need to eat or drink (!!!!). Though it is not at all possible. Then suddenly Mr. Pranab Mukherjee & Mr Kapil Sibbal come into play to stop the fasting and giving extra importance to Baba Ramdev. Is a foul play to remove focus from Sri Anna Hazare. Because Baba Ramdev is already agree with Government & Politicians that PM  and chief justices of SC should be out of lokpal bill. What on earth is happening?

We all need to be very careful regarding the foul game of all these politicians against the anti corruption campaign. They might use their spies like Baba Ramdeb to divert the main focus from the main motto. The revolution must go on. Beware from the corrupted politicians & their spies.

Science and Rationalists’ Association of India
Humanists’ Association of India


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