Some Quotes by Rationalists

Narendra Nayak (Bangalore)

These so called ashrams of these alleged godmen are a store house for the ill-gotten wealth of politicians and a source of corruption too. It would be very appropriate to bring these too under the newly going to be drafted Lokpal Bill!

Sanal Edamaruku (Kerala/Delhi)

At the age of 85 when “god” Satya Saibaba died this morning, he proved once again that “predictions” and “miracles” fail. He predicted some years back that he would die at the age of 96 only. May it be an eye opener for millions of devotees whom he guided to a world of superstition and blind belief.

Innaiah Narisetti (Hyderabad)

Not only Sai baba’s money, but his fraudulent actions were never questioned. People in power prostrated at his feet and put him above the constitution.

Prabir Ghosh (Kolkata)

‘God’ died breaking his own promise/prediction, just like any other rich old man. Suffering and being attended by 27 expert doctors at one point of time. The doctors did not pray to him—they really tried…and failed.


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