People’s Power: Let’s carry on with determination and hope

Three weeks ago, Anna Hazare declared a fast unto death until the government agreed to let civil society draft the Jan Lokpal bill. In just over 36 hours, 650,000 of us stood with Hazare to demand action. Four days later, we won! Proving that people power can prevail over the poison of political corruption.

The struggle won’t be easy. Last week, poisonous allegations, contradictory reports and false scandals aimed to discredit civil society leaders and divide our movement inundated the press. But we reacted immediately — launching a rapid response campaign with tens of thousands of us calling on PM Singh to rein in the smear campaign. This week, the smear machine seems to have gone quiet! We’re winning, let keep the momentum going:

PM Singh has promised to bring Jan Lokpal to a vote by August. So for the next 3 months, we have to meet every challenge, block every tactic, and overcome every obstacle that’s thrown in our way, to get the law that all Indians want. Let us give our leaders a taste of what’s to come.

With hope and determination,

on behalf of members of


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