PARANORMAL EXPOSED! : Shocking Investigation Reports of Paranormal Activity Claims

Bestseller Since 1985, by Prabir Ghosh

Did fleets of airplanes and ships get lost in a mysterious zone, the Bermuda Triangle? Why and how did an idol of Kali break the ground and emerge from inside the earth? Discover hundreds of shocking investigation reports of real life paranormal activity claims from across the world. Discover the hidden secrets behind people possessing ‘miracle’ powers like Sai Baba, Baba Ramdev or witch-queen Ipsita. Learn how they make ‘miracles’ happen. What is parapsychology? How can you make telepathy happen? Do cases of reincarnation, or 2nd life happen in real life today? What is hypnosis? Can one conjure spirits by using planchette? Learn the wicked secrets behind hundreds of haunting questions like this. Read about the author’s several real life confrontations with paranormal claims. Plus, the author’s Rs. 2.5 million open challenge to the paranormal.

About the Author
Prabir Ghosh is the author of over 30 Bengali language bestsellers, and a pioneer of rationalist and humanist movement in India. The author is the General Secretary of Science and Rationalists’ Association of India and the President of Humanists’ Association. The author has been a columnist with Times of India for a long time. His life and works have been showcased in BBC, National Geographic Channel, Channel 4 (UK), a German television channel, NDTV, Star News, Aaj Tak, MTV among others. Wikipedia has given importance to him since the early days and listed him among the top athiesm activists of the world. Prabir is also known internationally for his Rs. 2.5 million open miracle challenge. Prabir lives in Kolkata, India with his wife.

Published by: Power Publishers

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