It has been observed with deep concern that someone personally or in collusion with others has been publishing highly objectionable, offensive, obscene, and lecherous contents and materials which even include “intimidation of murder” in various open groups namely Rationalists’ Association, Rationalist Association, Yuktibadi Samiti etc created under, a vastly popular and admired social networking site. It is also highly distressing to note that the logo of this association and sketch of Prabir Ghosh, the President of this association had also been illegitimately used in many of those obnoxious contents that had been posted. Such materials have no authorization of this association and it is being apprehended that such contents are being circulated with an absolute malafide purpose as a part of a conspiracy to malign our worldwide standing.

In this regard, it is being notified that as of now the opinion, views, analysis and judgment of the association can viewed in internet only in our following websites:

Therefore, contents published in any other website or web portals have no authorization and endorsement of this association, unless notified officially from our end.

We strongly denounce such motivated effort and endeavor to tarnish the image of our association and mislead our respected well-wishers.

All concerned may please take a note of it.

Issued on behalf of

Prabir Ghosh,
President, Science & Rationalists’ Association of India
President, Humanists’ Association

Dated: 28th August, 2012


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