How healthy is it to enter from the rear gate?

Dr Neha Gupta

The Calcutta Medical & Research Institute

Anal intercourse is the essential component of sex for most gay men. It is practiced even by some non gay couples.

Although most couples practicing anal intercourse might be of the opinion that it is their private life and why should a third party or a court of law interfere in their sexual lives if both of them are enjoying it consensually and without harming anyone else’s interests, it is very important to understand that human physiology is not designed to accommodate this activity.

Being a doctor, I would not just call it unnatural but unhygienic and unhealthy too. Vagina is much different from the rectum with regard to suitability of intercourse. Vagina has lubricants and muscle network along with special kind of epithelial covering which allows friction without causing any damage. On the other hand, rectum  and anus are just meant for the exit of stools. Repeated trauma, stretching and friction may cause anal sphincter to become loose leading to chronic leakage of fecal matter.

Anal intercourse can cause severe bleeding from anus. Moreover, unprotected anal intercourse leads to mixing of ejaculate and blood of the partners and highly increases the risk of transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea.

Some of the very rare diseases may also be transmitted very easily by anal intercourse like cryptosporidium, microspora, isospora may also transmit deadly hepatitis B and C viruses. It can even lead to anal cancers caused by transmission of Human Papilloma Virus. Vaginal intercourse after anal penetration highly increases the risk of contracting vaginal infections.

Apart from sexually transmitted diseases, anal penetration may also lead to bleeding piles, anal fissures and retained foreign bodies.

People enjoy it without knowing the consequences. Sometimes even ignorant kids become a victim to sodomy. It can damage the child’s private parts permanently apart from causing mental imbalance. It can lead to severe bleeding as well.

Everything that the gay or non gay couples enjoy in their bedroom can’t be left up to them in the name of privacy. Like watching porn and voyeurism etc are perversions even though the person involved may not be physically or mentally harming anyone else, practicing anal sex is also perversion. It might give pleasure to some or painful pleasure to others but on the long run, it is unhealthy as well as unhygienic.

Putting a check on such unnatural practices is necessary not only from social point of view but also from health point! It is important to discourage people from practicing anal sex if we want to control the spread of deadly AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.


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