Form for Body Donation

Please click here to download the form for Body Donation.

This form properly filled up and signed ( 4 copies to be separately signed, and not xeroxed ) may be used as a donation form promising to donate body or part of the body (Eye may be specified) after death. We are putting it in our website for branches who often are in shortage of forms during their campaigns. The forms are to be collected and one copy to be returned to the donor as acknowlegement. Remaining 3 copies are to be submitted to the anatomy department of the nearest Medical college.

Remember, body donation can be successful only when the family members agree to co operate. So please convince your near & dear ones to make the donation effective. Burning our body or burying them after death is not less cruel than donating them for a useful purpose. Think of the use of our valuable body-parts in treating others and saving people’s lives. Please come forward and convince people to make body donation a normal and sensible practice.



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