BEWARE of smear-game– mud-slinging– hate-mongering by certain quarters

To build up a movement needs strength & tenacity. Particularly an open to all organisation like ours — (applies to both srai & HA) does not have any screening process before entry; all are welcome to join. So later on some are found to be fake sympathisers who joined with vested interest / intention of personal benefit. They wanted the goodwill & popularity of the associations. But failed to rise up to the high standards of transparency and straightforwardness.

Such a group, for reasons best known to them, had earlier tried to sabotage srai. They failed miserably. Again after 15 + years signs of another attempt is showing up. We are organisationally solid and self-reliant and there is nothing to undermine our solidarity. So all readers, supporters and well-wishers are cautioned. Any doubt can be clarified, any suspicious move should be reported.

Keep moving forward,
All the Best.

Prabir Ghosh
General Secretary
Science & Rationalists’ Association of India


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