Amartya Sen criticized Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

The Nobel prize-winning economist Amartya Sen criticized Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for giving a hearty welcome to Myanmar’s military leader Than Shwe.

The military regime of Myanmar (formerly Burma) is going to have its first election in 20 years on November 7, 2010. The regime has banned foreign observers and media. It has kept Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest.

Here is what Amartya Sen has to say on this issue:–

“Nothing perhaps is more important right now as the day of the phoney electoral event approaches than global public discussion of the real nature of the forthcoming electoral fraud.

“The expressions of pious hope that things can change after the election are totally contrary to reasoned analysis about what’s going on in Burma.

“A propaganda victory for the regime, by muddying the water for democracy in Burma now, can put things hugely back.”

Finally Sen criticized Manmohan Singh for cordially welcoming Myanmar’s military leader. India, the nation of Mahatma Gandhi had wound up emulating the nation and losing its idealism.
Finally Amartya Swen says—

“It breaks my heart to see the Prime Minister of my democratic country –and one of the most humane and sympathetic political leaders in the world engage in welcoming the butchers from Myanmar and to be photographed in a state of cordial proximity.”…”When our power to influence the world was zero, we spent our time lecturing the world on morality. And when we get a bit of power, although not as much as China, then we completely abdicated that responsibility.”

—————- Courtesy: The Telegraph, 22 October, 2010


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