ABOLITION OF ARMS: in a social, national or even global scale

By Sumitra Padmanabhan

I totally agree with the idea for ABOLITION OF ARMY. Abolition of arms , to be precise.
We should first start with armed police force. Why do we need policemen with fire-arms in a free country? They are machines to kill another human being. Aren’t lathis, tear-gas, water-cannons enough to tackle any situation? In case of bigger chaos, mounted police on horse-back could do! All arms should be banned — particularly in India. With immense disparity, abuse of power and absense of law & order, I feel it’s high time we give a serious thought to this issue. Here the rich keep any amount of unauthorised arms for … what ? Their own security. The very poor make and get arms for self-protection… angry constables go on a shooting spree every now and then… trigger-happy youngsters take pride in their hero/villainlike skills that are often glorified in movies. There’s no end to it.
With improved technology we have tiny cameras that can be hidden in your specs or pen or pocket. Soon Man — the self-destructive, competitive social animal will surely manufacture very small killing machines too. Can one imagine what will follow? If the rich and the powerful can make and use arms at will, others will soon follow. Who benefits from the process? The arms manufacturers and dealers. Arms –the biggest industry in the world today.
I remember even some fifty years back hunting was a common sport. Rich families used to show off tiger-skins, buck and buffalow-horns as decoration on their walls. It was normal for travellers to carry rifles or guns of various kinds for a casual kill of birds, hens, boars or an occasional deer while travelling to forests. This concept has changed to a large extent. Now we shoot with cameras. Wildlife photography is a wonderfully rich, skilled and respected profession. We don’t take pride in killing animals or birds just for sport.
Why don’t we change our concept of using arms on other human beings? Change it for good. Pressurise governments to abolish armed forces within a country first. Then gradually stop warfare. It may sound funny at this stage. Who will bell the cat? Which nation? I think we can learn something from Japan. And we– the nation of Gandhi can show the path. Anyway we’ve got to start some day. Before it becomes too late.
Let us start thinking whether we can begin a serious campaign. The gun-makers can still have a roaring business making life-saving equipments of all kinds of rescue operations. The amount of money and resources saved can then be used for making solid houses and improvements in transportation…and so on.


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