Anna Hazare urged to support repeal of AFSPA


Why medias are silent about the mass movement of Anna Hazare?

By Santosh Sharma

From Dainik Viswamitra 29.08.11

RESOLUTION PASSED-unanimous resolution in Loksabha

RESOLUTION PASSED- unanimous resolution in Loksabha.

We congratulates ANNA HAZARE on his victory! Anna has shown the way and taught the nation how to fight. WE ARE PROUD AS INDIANS- and thank the people for being with Anna Team all along. Let us all unite in our struggle against corruption!

ANNA HAZARE’S NAME WILL BE ETCHED . . . → Read More: RESOLUTION PASSED-unanimous resolution in Loksabha

Scope and reach of Lokpal Bills

By Sumitra Padmanabhan

Here’s is a detailed description on the merits and demerits of the 3 versions of the Lokpal Bill

Government draft bill Includes PM only after s/he demits office. Restricts reach only to Group A officers and above, including MPs and ministers. Office-bearers of NGOs receiving public or foreign funds included. No . . . → Read More: Scope and reach of Lokpal Bills

Who are against ANNA HAZARE?

By Santosh Sharma

From Dainik Viswamitra


Will UPA die forever?

Anna cannot live like this! Is the GOVT killing time to see ANNA HAZARE DEAD? There are enough people to lead. But UPA will die forever.

Humanists’ Association

Sumitra Padmanabhan


Science and Rationalists’ Association of India

Prabir Ghosh.

Know more about Anna

Kisan Hazare was born on 15 June 1937 in Bhingar, a small village near the city of Hinganghat, in Bombay Province (present-day Maharashtra). Kisan’s father, Baburao Hazare, worked as an unskilled labourer in Ayurveda Ashram Pharmacy. Kisan’s grandfather was working for the army in Bhingar, when he was born. The grandfather died in 1945, . . . → Read More: Know more about Anna

A million mutinies erupt across India

No one really, certainly not the government, had anticipated the extent of countrywide support for Anna Hazare and his crusade against corruption. Within hours of the news of his arrest breaking on the networks, spontaneous protests broke out from Baroda to Bhubaneswar and Kanpur to Kochi, leaving the government gasping at the national . . . → Read More: A million mutinies erupt across India


Morning Arrest Turns Into Nightmare For Centre As Anna Refuses To Leave Tihar Until Protest Nod

Anna Rejects Options Offered By Police New Delhi: The government on Tuesday was at sixes and sevens over Anna Hazare’s steely determination to carry on with his indefinite fast despite his unexpected arrest and equally sudden . . . → Read More: GOVT CAN’T STOP AUGUST KRANTI

What About ANNA?

By Santosh Sharma

Dainik Viaswamitra-15.08.11