2011 election in West Bengal

This photos taken by Sanjay Karmakar, Burdwan.

Wonderful! They show how people participated and really ENJOYED the 2011 election process in West bengal. In fact after a long time W.B. witnessed a safe & sound voting process. There were sad and dirty incidents– but those were part of the game, and the sooner we forget them, the better.

Let us wait for the 13th! With excitement and expectation. But no hatred or mud-slinging. Let us all accept ‘people’s verdict’ graciously. We have to co operate and join together all our will to bring about a better Bengal where law and order will prevail; where no partiality or discrimination will be tolerated. Humanists and Rationalists must keep vigil.

Welcome the 13th of May 2011 with hope, courage and goodwill.

Rationalists Association
Humanists’ Association


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