1st March : International Rationalist Day

On this day—1 march 1985, 27 years ago Prabir Ghosh founded the Rationalist Association [Science & Rationalists Association of India or Bharatiya Bigyan O Yuktibadi Samiti].

The organization started its long journey with relentless struggle against superstition and blind faith – its chief aim being a better society without deprivation and economic differences. Spiritualism and religiosity had been used in India as a tool for exploitation for ages. So along with anti-superstition programs, the aim of the organization gradually spread over to a total social philosophy of Neo-socialism. The concept of self-reliant villages and classless democratic societies where people live in self-sufficient communes has gained popularity throughout the world.

Humanists’ Association (HA) is Our wing : Also working for –

  • Human rights: helping with legal assistance.
  • Counseling  people in distress.
  • Propagating eye-donation and body donation for medical use after death.
  • Demanding legitimacy of euthanasia (Mercy killing or willfully accepting death)
  • Free coaching and free dispensaries.

We thank and congratulate all our members and well-wishers on this very special day.

We would also like to appreciate and heartily congratulate all rationalists and secular humanists who are working throughout the world in spreading reason and scientific temper.


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